CLICKTRIX Banner Network & Exchange

Who and what we are !

The banner exchange network we operate here at ClickTrix is a 1:1 banner exchange network, where members earn one banner advertising credit for every valid banner impression delivered to the banner exchange network.

Members continue to earn banner exchange credits on non unique views but at a lower rate of one credit for every ten impressions.

The banner exchange credits earned by our members are directly added to our network members accounts, Members are then free to allocate their banner exchange network credits to their banners at will.

What should you do

Register your ClickTrix account today to start advertising your 125x125, 300x250, 468x60 & 728x90 sized banners for free.

Once you have registered and your banners have been reviewed and approved for rotation on the exchange, Your banners will be displayed on a wide variety of other web sites and blogs that belong to other banner exchange network members.

Increase your web sites exposure & organic traffic, sign up for a free account today.


New Crazy Admin

We are happy to introduce you to our new ADMIN. His name is "Crazy Donkey" :D - Yes he is a little bit crazy and different from the other support members here. His job is to keep surprising you with gifts. Free Premiumtimes, Bannerviews, Tokens ...


Promo Tools

We have high quality promotional material such as banners and splash pages available for members to use. Our down line builder helps members to create down line's in some of the most popular external websites & programs.


CTX - Token

Earn tokens by getting clicks on our exchange banners on your homepage. Tokens can be exchanged for many goddies (credits, premium, etc.) in the token shop. Place our banner code at the top of the homepage and get more clicks.



Every ClickTrix member has the opportunity to earn real commissions on any of the account upgrades or banner advertising credit packages that are purchased by any of their direct referrals. Register your account today.

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Exchange Banners With Others

Unlike the many other banner exchanges who limit their free members advertising to a single banner, ClickTrix free members are able to advertise up to 5 banners per size on the banner exchange nework enabling you to increase the awareness of a single brand with multiple images or promote multiple offers from alternate sources.

Getting your ClickTrix account setup could not be easier. Simply register your free ClickTrix account and add our banner exchange code to your website(s). Then every time your website has a visitor you will earn banner exchange network advertising credits. It Is That Easy.

Banner Promotion Made Easy

  •   Advertise banners in 4 sizes (125px, 350px, 468px, 728px).
  •   Free accounts can advertise up to 5 banner ads per size.
  •   1:1 Banner Network exchange ratio (24hr unique impressions).
  •   1:10 Banner Network exchange ratio (24hr repeat impressions).
  •   5000 FREE banner credits for joining.
  •   +45000 FREE banner credits, after you made 5000 Bannerviews.
  •   5000 network credits for ever referral.
  •   Earn network exchange credits promoting your splash pages.
  •   Effective external program down line builder.
  •   Promotional Material to help you build your down line.
  •   Participate in our in-house contests and win awesome prizes.
  •   Earn high commissions from direct referral purchases.
  •     and a whole lot more ... Register Today!

Increase Your Web Sites Exposure & Organic Traffic
Register Your Free ClickTrix Banner Network Account Today

Latest News :

  • 2023-05-31 - Small Database Problem

    We just had a small database problem. But I think that we have repaired everything 100% again. If you notice anything, please contact us immediately.

    .-= - what else =-.

  • 2023-04-06 - Exchange rates changed to + 1000% and 2000%

    From now until the end of 2023, the following exchange rates apply to banner ads on your website.

    Old: 1.0 New 10.0 for new banner ads and ip's
    Old: 0.1 New 2.0 for repeated banner ads and ip's

    That means 1000% more ads for fresh banners and 2000% more ads for repeat ads.

    The IP's lists are deleted daily.

    This will enable us to significantly improve our service and bring more visitors to the website for all members.

    best regards Admins Michael and Crazy Donkey

    .-= - what else =-.

  • 2023-03-25 - Today we started 2 contests again.

    1. Most banner impressions - total price for places 1 to 10 a whopping 127,000,000 banner credits

    2 . Most New Members Referred . total prize for places 1 to 10 is 19,500 points

    In addition, all banners that are paused or active will receive 50,000 credits today, so you have the opportunity to get more visitors again.

    best regards Admins Michael and Crazy Donkey

    .-= - what else =-.